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Tricia Oaks Fucking In Public

tricia oaks gets fucked in public

Tricia Oaks is a total fucking hotty that is always up for a dare.  So when they guys from Asses In Public dared her to get naked and fuck in public, well, she jumped at the chance.  First up of course is finding a location and meeting the fans.  These lucky guys pull out their cell phone camera and get themselves some nice memories for later spanking.    The braver ones come up and get a handful of her big round ass, and Tricia is loving all the attention.

Step two is the fucking.  Under a bridge next to train tracks looks like it will be in public but out of the way.  It is for a while, until a massive freight train rumbles through as they are fucking away, giving the crew a total eyeful of her pussy getting slammed.  Hot fucking action, click here and check out the pics!