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Sophie Dee Felt Up in Public

sophie dee gets felt up in publicTwo things can be said about Sophie Dee, shes wild, down for whatever and has a fucking nice ass! So it is definitely long overdue to have this girl on asses in public. We let her loose on the streets on LA and she lived up to her reputation. Grabbing pedestrian’s genitalia, jumping on and humping all kinds of people. Flashing her ass and tits to men and women alike. People who saw Sophie Dee that day got a show and a half.

She spends a bunch of time at a truck scale and cleaning area, and all the guys working there are hacing fun with Sophie, grabbing her ass,playing with her tits, and the adventurous guys are even trying to cop a feel of her shaved pussy. You know a couple of them get their fingers in there. She gets so worked up that she grabs one of the guys from the film crew and takes him behind a building so he can fuck her horny pussy into submission. Intense action. Click here and check out some pics.

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