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Alexa Nicole Boned After Her Workout

Alexa Nicole is a hotty pornstar babe with a great body and she works hard to keep it that way. This scene from The Real Workout has her running and working out with her trainer, and she is sweating and working it hard. What she really wants to work hard is her trainer’s big cock, and she puts all her efforts into getting him into the game. With a hot body like hers and her sexy workout clothes, you can tell he is wanting some too.

Soon enough, they are fucking like crazy, in her driveway, in her back yard, just all over the place outdoors. This girl has got an incredible body and really loves to fuck, plus Alexa is flexible and loves to fuck in wild positions, I love this legs up reverse cowgirl, talk about a great view of her sweet pussy getting deep, deep penetration. She ends up with a creampie pussy too, naughty girl!

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Shawna Lenee Wild Workout Fuck

If you are a repeat visitor to this blog (and I hope you are, bookmark us if you haven’t already) you will know I love Shawna Lenee. I have had Shawna Lenee for Chistmas (a yummy idea) and Shawna Lenee doing breakup sex. This girl just keeps getting hotter and her scenes keep getting naughtier, as you will see in this hot new set from The Real Workout.

The idea is this: Sexy Shawna is getting some training from a private instructor. He is showing her the proper way to life weights, how to work out, and how to keep her incredible sexy body in tip top shape. Well, the results are clear (she is fucking hot!) but the instructor wants to check it all out for himself. Well, Shawna has felt his fat cock rubbing her from behind through his workout shorts, so she is all for getting busy with him for some nice fucking! Totally hot set, the location is great, Shawna looks amazing, and the guy is studly enough to pull it off and give sexy Shawna the orgasms she really needs!

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Memphis Monroe Goes To Bat

Memphis Monroe is a lusty busty girl that knows exactly what she wants. So when she needs a little cock, this teaser isn’t shy to go to different places to find a way to satisfy her hungry pussy.

This time, this sexy pornstar hits an indoor sports place to try out the batting cage. The instructor realizes she has never done this before, so he is hands on to give her a little coaching, plus he wants to get close to check out her fucking amazing tits. Well, Memphis is interested in one bat, but it isn’t the baseball one, it’s the hard one forming in this guys pants as he tries to show her how to swing and instead ends up grinding his hard cock into her fleshy ass.

Memphis takes control of the situation and soon enough is on her knees sucking on his man bat and giving this guy plenty of pleasure. She fishes out her big tits for some nice tit fucking, and then flips over so that he can go to town fucking her juicy pussy from behind!

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Cassanda Calogera @ Asses In Public

cassandra calogera goes wild at asses in public
Asses in Public is turn out to be one of the wildest porn sites on the net, featuring some of the naughtiest pornstar action you will ever see. Cassandra Calogera and her hefty natural tits are hitting the street this time out, and she is setting the bar for insane action.

She wanders around and teases a bunch of guys with her big boobies, and most of them just don’t have a clue what to do. Soon enough she finds some guys that have more of a clue, and they are taking pictures with their phones and squeezing her boobs. Then one guy gets a whole bunch smarter and starts licking on her nipples and running his hand into her panties, and soon enough her pussy is out in public and these guys are giving her a going over. She’s getting all juicy as they play with her hot body.

She can’t handle it anymore, so she grabs a guy and drags him around back for some hot action. She is down on her knees in the parking sucking this guys fat cock as he mauls her big tits, and then he pulsl her down on top of him and he slams her pussy from the bottom. Cassandra is all into it, and she starts fucking him back hard, with tons of slappling sound as he bangs her pussy and spanks her big ass. Then he flips her up to fuck her standing before he dumps a huge load on her big tits.

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Ice La Fox Bowling Alley Fuck

ice la fox fucked at the bowling alley
Public nudity is always fun, fucking in public places is always a god idea, and getting a hotty like Ice La Fox boned in a public place is a hot story, check this out:

Ice la Fox challenged her bowling instructor Jordan to a quick game. She is very competitive and wants to win no matter what. Knowing that Jordan is dying to see her big juicy tits, she flashes him during the game to make him lose his concentration. In the end, she wins the game but Jordan gets the prize of squeezing her firm tits and fucking her juicy shaved pussy right there in the middle of the bowling alley

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Tanya James Gets One in Her Hole

tanya james not a hole in one but one in her hole
Tanya James has decides she wants to learn to play golf, and has found a local pro to give her some lessons. Well, the golf pro has one look at her revealing outfit and her super sized tits, and all he can think about it getting a hole in one with his cock. He tries pretty hard to teach her some of the basics, but every time he gets close to her his flagstick tries to get into the game and soon enough his erection is pretty much an obvious thing.

This scene is from Big Tits In Sports, so you know that things are going to go well! The golf pro makes his move, and Tanya has been waiting for it, she is horny as she can be and she isn’t just ready for his move, she is ready for a good hard fuck right on the golf course! No putting here, it’s all driving as this lucky guy fucks her juicy pussy to a messy finish!

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Marina Maywood Licked In Public

marina maywood licked by a stranger in asses in publicAnother totally fucking wild Asses In Public adventure, this time featuring the very natural and very horny Marina Maywood.

She is out cruising around some garages and bodyshops, and the guys that are working are more interested in her body than anything else. They are shy to start with, but soon enough they have their cellphone cams out to take some pictures and the really brave ones go in for some action. Marina loves the attention, and she is getting really wet as these total strangers are licking her nipples, grabbing her ass, and even trying to slide their hands into her panties to play with her juicy pussy. She is going nuts!

Finally she grabs one of the guys and takes him into the pain prep area for a great blowjob and finally the hard fuck she has been building up to for almost an hour. Intense hardcore fucking as she takes it deep and hard to a messy finish!

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Mariah Milano LA Streets Nude

mariah milano gets naked in the streets of LAWhat can you say about a girl that just loves to get naked in public? Mariah Milano is doing her second shoot for Asses in Public, and this girl is just loving it! This isn’t some setup scene, this is the real deal of Mariah wandering around LA flashing her boobs at guys, getting her ass grabbed, and posing for topless pics with her fans and total strangers on the street.

Mariah has a nice big pair of tits too, so it isn’t like anyone isn’t noticing. She gets just about buck naked in a sport shoe store, with everyone including all the clerks getting some great views of her hot body and of course wanting to get some feels in too!

The set ends up with Mariah getting her now very wet pussy banged outdoors in the back alley way, and it’s a pretty intense fuck that I am sure had the neighbors looking out the windows to see what the fuck was going on. A hot Asses In Public adventure that is for sure!

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Sophie Dee Felt Up in Public

sophie dee gets felt up in publicTwo things can be said about Sophie Dee, shes wild, down for whatever and has a fucking nice ass! So it is definitely long overdue to have this girl on asses in public. We let her loose on the streets on LA and she lived up to her reputation. Grabbing pedestrian’s genitalia, jumping on and humping all kinds of people. Flashing her ass and tits to men and women alike. People who saw Sophie Dee that day got a show and a half.

She spends a bunch of time at a truck scale and cleaning area, and all the guys working there are hacing fun with Sophie, grabbing her ass,playing with her tits, and the adventurous guys are even trying to cop a feel of her shaved pussy. You know a couple of them get their fingers in there. She gets so worked up that she grabs one of the guys from the film crew and takes him behind a building so he can fuck her horny pussy into submission. Intense action. Click here and check out some pics.

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Sunny Lane Fucking with an Audience

Sunny Lane fucking in publicAnother wild and insane adventure from the minds of the guys that run Asses In Public.  This time they have a total stone fox on patrol, Sunny Lane, and she is all into showing off her hot body in public places.  She is a little freaked out that people are watching, but she is really getting into it after a while.  So much so that when the guys suggests maybe they should go behidn the warehouse for a little fuck, she is really into it.

However, she doesn’t realize that there will be a bunch of people around, and soon enough this stunning blonde pornbabe is getting her pussy slammed from behind while an audience of workers are out taking their coffee break and enjoying the action.   Nothing like getting a good fuck outdoors while a bunch of guys watch and cheer you on!

Well, Sunny Lane can’t stop, so she fucks until the guy cums all over her.  Totally hot scene.  Click here and check out the pics.

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Britney Stevens Asses In Public

britney stevens gets fucked for asses in publicYes everyone this is Whitney Stevens younger sister, can’t you tell? You can tell she is the younger sister, she is very shy but not afraid to flash her tits constantly and have her ass hang out as she is walking around. The guy in this scene , the most prominent one , is the dude making jackets or shirts, he actually forgets shes naked and shows her how to do the process. Britney seemed to be having fun and was excited when we told her she would get to fuck Seth outdoors.

Seth takes this teen hotty around behind the warehouse and soon enough he is fucking her right there on the doorstep, next to a dumpster, and let me tell you, he is fucking her hard and deep and she is cumming like crazy.  I think fucking outdoors does that to most girls.  She can’t control herself as he rolls her over and fucks her hard.  Nothing subtle here, just great hardcore fuck action.

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Rachel Roxxx Fucked at the Gym

Rachel Roxxx fucked at the gymRachel Roxxx is one hot babe.  She is certainly the type of girl you would turn around twice to check out on the street, especially her yummy round ass and big fake pornstar boobies that you just can’t miss.

In this set for Naughty Athletics, Rachel is working out at the gym naked for some reason.  Maybe it’s just easier.  Well, one of the boxers at the gym decides she needs to work out in the ring for a while, and starts her out on her knees sucking his big cock.  She certainly isn’t doing a rope a dope here, slurping his big knob like a candy.  Then he flips her up, bends her over and starts fucking her from behind.  He’s probably an ass man, because that is a fucking excellent rear view from here!

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Tricia Oaks Fucking In Public

tricia oaks gets fucked in public

Tricia Oaks is a total fucking hotty that is always up for a dare.  So when they guys from Asses In Public dared her to get naked and fuck in public, well, she jumped at the chance.  First up of course is finding a location and meeting the fans.  These lucky guys pull out their cell phone camera and get themselves some nice memories for later spanking.    The braver ones come up and get a handful of her big round ass, and Tricia is loving all the attention.

Step two is the fucking.  Under a bridge next to train tracks looks like it will be in public but out of the way.  It is for a while, until a massive freight train rumbles through as they are fucking away, giving the crew a total eyeful of her pussy getting slammed.  Hot fucking action, click here and check out the pics!