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Persia Pele Does Pussy Pilates

now this is the type of exercise class I could stand to take. MILF Pornstar Persia Pele is the instructor, running a whole class though some great yoga and pilates moves. Well, this guy is being a bit disruptive, and at the end of class, she asks him to stay so she can give him a little more attention and get his mind focused back on exercise.

Well, he has his mind on exercise alright, but it is more of the in out repeat type rather than the stretching type. So Persia gives him some lessons in pussy pilates, teasing him like hell rubbing her hot barely clothed and sweaty body all over his before finally showing off her big manmades and going to dinenr on his hard cock. She sucks him like crazy, and then without missing a beat, loses her shorts and slides up and mounts him cowgirl style and rides him into the sunset.

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