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Busty Lolly Ink Sucking Cock and Getting Boned

lolly inkLolly Ink has turned out to be one of the most popular pornstar girls recently, her tough girl full of tattoos, blond hair, big tits, big attitude thing works really well and she’s a pretty hot fuck too, her pink pussy naturally wet as they come and she loves to fuck. This new scene from Naughty America is hot too, she sucks cock, gets licked out, and gets fucked hard, all because.. well…

Preston catches his dad’s girl, Lolly Ink, trying to steal his dad’s cash. Lolly is tired of her boyfriend cheating on her so she decides the best payback is to take the money and leave. Preston won’t have that though, so Lolly cuts a deal with him. She will fuck Preston in exchange for his silence. No big deal, Preston’s dad has a lot more money where that came from.

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Lolly Ink Stackhouse Blonde

loly ink fuckingLolly Ink is part of a new wave of porn girls, like Christy Mack, that have plenty of tattoos, obvious implants, and sort of have that bad girl image. They like to fuck and like it now! She’s not subtle either:

‘Girls are fun to kiss and fun for foreplay but I prefer the dick,’ Lolly Ink told us. Lolly is a new super-slim and stacked blonde at SCORE. ‘When it comes to sex, I need a man.’ Lolly is light enough to lift, carry and drill in any position you could think of! Lolly reminds your editors of Danielle Derek (no longer modeling as far as we know), one of the top babes when it came to filthy talking, aggressive anal fucking and throat gagging. Both blondes have tiny asses, big, augmented tits and tiny waists.

She’s a hot fuck for sure, this scene is intense and hard and no nonsense, this stackhouse blond just loves to fuck!

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